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(verb) Deprive of positive human qualities. Punitive justice systems focus on punishing and often dehumanizing criminals, rather than on rehabilitation.

(adjective) Intentional, on purpose. She deliberately pushed the tray into Rebecca’s chest in the cafeteria, it was not an accident

(adjective) An act or behavior that lowers one’s character, status, or reputation. To gossip about and exclude people is an attempt to demean their character.

(noun) Government by the people. In a democracy, every citizen can vote to elect the people who will make the laws.

(noun) Lack of desire to take part in usual activities; feeling sad or down without knowing why. When Anna’s son no longer wanted to go to school or see his friends, she became worried that he was suffering from depression.

(noun) Feeling or hopelessness; misery. Targets of bullies often are filled with great sadness and despair.

(adjective) Tending to cause harm. Releasing the documents would be detrimental to national security.

(verb) Identify the nature of an illness or problem by looking at the symptoms. Nina’s dad was diagnosed with cancer after going through a series of medical tests.

(adjective) Using or characterized by computer technology. There are digital stores that sell merchandise from websites not storefronts.

(noun) A person who directs a play, movie, or production. The director helped the actors understand the story.

(verb) Interrupt by causing a disturbance or problem. The student confessed that he disrupts the class by talking when he feels that something is unfair.

(adjective) Suffering from anxiety, sorrow, or pain. It is very difficult to succeed in school or at work when one is distressed by external circumstances.

(noun) An interactive system or process. Group dynamic are important to consider when choosing teams.

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