There are currently 5 glossary words in this directory beginning with the letter H.
(verb) To annoy or bother someone in a constant or repeated way. The constant phone calls harassed the neighbor.

(noun) Threatening or annoying behavior that is repeated over and over again. Encouraging workers to do their best is one thing, but telling them everyday that they are failures is harassment.

(verb) To educate a child at home instead of sending them to school. Nico’s parents move a lot for work, so they homeschool him instead of sending him to different schools every year.

(verb) To hurt someone’s pride or cause them to feel very embarrassed. My brother humiliates me when he puts me down in front of my friends.

(adjective) Extremely destructive to one’s self-respect or dignity. The insults and name calling during lunchtime were humiliating.

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