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(noun) Acknowledgement of the success or validity of a person or an idea. Khaleel’s exceptional work on his science project received recognition.

(noun) A source of information used to check a fact. A thesaurus is a reference used to find words that have similar meanings.

(verb) Think deeply or carefully about. She reflected on her feelings after witnessing the fight at school.

Relating to deep thought and understanding. When Elmer becomes overwhelmed in class, he takes a few breaths to create a reflective moment and think through his emotions.

reflective brain
(noun) The use of the brain to reflect calmly on problems rather than react angrily. Meditation can help us use our reflective brain during problem-solving exercises.

(verb) Control or maintain the rate or speed of a process so that it operates properly. The brain regulates release of hormones to make sure the body uses energy efficiently.

(verb) To put old ideas or materials into a new form, without significant change. Superhero movies often rehash old plots to stay true to storylines and excite audiences

(verb) Strengthen or support an object or an idea. Aparna reinforced her thesis statement with evidence from primary sources.

(noun) The activity of getting information about a subject. The students used the search engine to research animals for their reports.

(noun) A firm decision to do, or not to do, something. Mateo made the resolution to study harder

(verb) To have a particular meaning or importance for someone. To affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way. The music they played at the event resonated with me because it reminded me of the music my parents listened to when I was a kid.

(noun) The action of returning something to a former condition. Art restoration is a field that returns historical works of art to their original condition.

restorative justice
(noun) A justice system that focuses on rehabilitation of offenders, rather than punishment. Unlike punitive justice systems, restorative justice systems help people who have committed crimes change their behavior and reenter society.

(noun) A story that spreads around quickly and has no identifiable source or evidence of truth. Daniel tried to put a stop to the rumor that Anya had gotten drunk at the party, because he knew it wasn’t true.

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