How Do You See It?

Discuss with Your Peers


For behavior to be bullying, it needs to pass all parts of the ACID test.

  • Can you identify the specific behaviors Derek displays and how they pass all parts of the ACID test?
  • If someone changes their role in a bullying cycle, can their behavior still pass the ACID test? Why or why not? 
  • Do any of the roles shift during the video? If so, how do they change?
  • How many people does Derek bully? Does he assume other roles in the bullying cycle? How many times does Derek change roles, and in which scenes?
  • How many and which roles does Brad take on in the bullying cycle? 
  • How did Kevin respond to being bullied? Did he go into fight, flight, or freeze mode? Do you think he could have responded differently? Why or why not? 
  • Do you think Brad responded to being bullied by going into fight, flight, or freeze mode? Why do you think Brad responded that way? 
  • Can you identify opportunities for the bystanders in these scenes to become upstanders? How could bystanders to Derek's aggressive and bullying behavior intervene before it escalates? 
  • What impact do you think Derek's words had on Brad when he wrote on the playground "Brad is_" How much power do words have in affecting another person's life? 
  • Do you see any evidence that Brad might have experienced trauma from this incident? What impact do you think trauma could have on Brad later in life?
  • Do you think Derek fears his dad? What kind of impact do you think fear plays in a cycle of aggression?