Can You Relate?

Empathize with Brad


1. Now that you know a little more about Brad, can you understand why he experienced a panic attack when his teacher called him out in class for not completing his homework on time? Why might Brad's response be more than an overreaction to a reasonable request?

2. Can you relate to Brad's situation or to what he's feeling? How do you think Brad's outlook on life has changed as a result of feeling like no matter what he does, it is never good enough? 

3. What do you think Derek was writing about Brad on the playground? Why do you think he did that?

4. What about Brad's personal life has given him the empathy and resilience to become an upstander in supporting Derek when he is bullied by his dad?

5. What would it take to change the school climate to better accommodate students like Brad who experience prolonged anxiety in their home life and display signs and symptoms of a mental health problem in school?