Can You Relate?

Empathize with Tasha


1. Now that you know a little more about Tasha, how do you think she felt when she found the tampons in her locker? Have you ever felt this way? 

2. How might you react if you were in Tasha's situation? What are some things you might do or say?

3. To what extent do you think this incident was preventable if Tasha didn't feel so isolated at her school? For example, how could Tasha's teachers gain a better understanding of her reluctance to speak and interact with other students?

4. Have you ever considered that other students and families who have more privilege might have greater access to helpful resources, such as treatment and therapy for students on the Autism spectrum? Do you think that's right?

5. Can you think of changes to school policies or programs that would better support all students and families, including those in Tasha's situation?