How Do You See It?

Discuss with Your Peers


For behavior to be bullying it needs to pass all of the parts of the ACID test. Using the ACID test, how could you prove that what happened in the cafeteria was bullying behavior?

What are the characteristics of the internet and social media that encourage bullying here? What are the ways that cyberbullying can cause more harm? What do you know now that could help to address this bullying behavior? How has research changed the way we look at this scene?

What role are the characters playing in the bullying cycle?

  • Bully - The person doing the bullying behavior,
  • Target - The person being bullied,
  • Bystander - Person who sees the bullying but does not try to do anything about it.

What are the dangers and possible harmful effects that each character might face? How might you feel when someone is being cyberbullied?