Can You Relate?

Step Into Kimberly's Shoes

Kimberly Epstein used to be friends with the three girls who now send her cruel texts. Last year, they were in all of the same classes and would always eat lunch together. When eighth grade started, however, Kimberly was placed in advanced academic classes and none of her old friends were with her. After a few weeks, she began to notice her friends were ignoring her, even when she tried to talk to them. A few weeks later, she found out the girls had been using Snapchat to call her names like ‘Einstein’, teasing her for being smart, and for her Jewish origin.


The other kids in class think Tasha is mute because she never speaks and never intervenes when someone is being bullied. Like her parents,

Their Snapchat stories had pictures of Swastikas, which reminded not only Kimberly, but other Jewish students of a similar incident earlier that year, where someone spray painted a Swastika on the locker of a Jewish student, Thomas.


Kimberly wants to focus on getting good grades, but feels embarrassed just walking into school. She’s having trouble concentrating, and it’s taken a toll on her test scores, which only adds to her unease.