Can You Relate?

Step Into Rebecca's Shoes

Twelve-year-old Rebecca Gutierrez has been struggling with her weight for years. It began after her parents’ divorce when her mother had to juggle work during the day and school at night. Rebecca felt neglected and alone, though she would never tell her mother. Every day she could see how hard her mother was working, and the activities Rebecca enjoyed with her mom took a backseat. The emptiness she felt at home took a toll on her physical well-being, and she slowly started gaining weight.

The weight gain made Rebecca the subject of bullying behavior from a small group of girls she had known since elementary school. The more upset Rebecca became about the bullying, the more the girls would harass and humiliate her. As a result, Rebecca kept to herself more and more while seeing her friends less and less. 

“Next year everything will change,” her mother would say but Rebecca wanted to disappear.