Can You Relate?

Step Into Tasha's Shoes

Tasha Alexandre wants to be invisible. Tasha’s parents are undocumented immigrants from Haiti and don’t speak much English. Tasha’s little brother, Luca, has severe autism. Tasha sees her parents' anxiety over trying to care for Luca, and doesn’t want to add to their stress. Being invisible is the only option.  She decides to never complain, to hide during lunchtime, and never raise her hand during class, even when she knows the answers. 


The other kids in class think Tasha is mute because she never speaks and never intervenes when someone is being bullied. Like her parents,

she avoids other people’s problems because she knows that calling attention to herself could risk getting her family deported. 


When Tasha gets her first period during school, she realizes only when she hears kids laughing at her. Tasha realizes she’s been walking around with huge stains on her pants, and in that single moment, she’s no longer invisible. Some kids fill her locker with tampons, to ‘educate’ her, adding to Tasha’s humiliation. Tasha fears what might happen to her family, and wishes she were dead.