Can You Relate?

Step Into Richard's Shoes

Richard Taylor Jr. is trying to make his mark as he transitions from a mostly black, to a mostly white charter school. He’s been experiencing some anxiety about whether or not he’ll fit in at his new school and one thing he’s concerned about is his size. He used to be one of the biggest kids at his old school, but is quickly realizing he’s not as filled out as some of the older students at his new school. Richard remembers what his dad always told him, “Don’t be a punk! If anyone tries to mess with you, fight back.”

Richard knew that if he was actually in trouble, he could count on his dad to help him, but for the past two years, Richard’s dad has been living on his own. Now Richard feels even more pressure to protect himself at school and sometimes, that means making an example of the weaker kids. Richard starts to pick on other students, calling them names, and even physically threatening one’s who seem ‘weaker’ in his eyes.