Break it Down: This is How We Role

Discussion Questions

  1. How do the characters in the hallway behave while the bullying is taking place?
  2. In this scene, who is harmed or affected by the bullying behavior?
  3. How does this behavior by these bystanders continue the cycle of bullying?
  4. Why is the girl in the scene an ‘upstander’?
  5. Tell a story about a bullying incident that you witnessed.

Learning Checklist

  • Pay attention to each person’s behavior in the bullying cycle.
  • Understand the drama and story behind each role.
  • Be aware of your own feelings and attitudes about bullying.
  • Identify the impact that fear plays in a cycle of aggression.
  • See how the upstander role can address fear and prevent bullying.
  • Use the power of words to defuse bullying behavior before it escalates.